About Gem Rite

About GemRite

GemRite was founded in 2003 with the main focus on supplying wholesale rare and untreated gems. We quickly opened up into new markets and in 2008 we introduced our online website opening sales up directly to the public. Now with our newest overhaul in 2012 we are introducing our custom gems, jewelry and widening our stock of fine mineral specimens. We have increased our staff as well as our selection of new items. We have been implementing the new changes and we will now be solely focusing on sales directly to the public offering American faceted gems as well as beautiful native cut stones, hand crafted jewelry and fine mineral specimens. We will continue to expand our sources around the world and we will be making trips to obtain the finest of materials. Please enjoy our website and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

John Burleyson, Owner and founder of GemRite jewelry company. He founded company over 20 years ago with the passion of cutting fine gemstones. He started over 27 years ago learning lapidary arts at a friend’s rock shop and slowly progressed his way to faceting gemstones. During this period he learned as much as he could from his various clients and friends about the jewelry making process. As he slowly progressed he picked up the art of goldsmithing and learned from those in the business. Now with over 20 years in goldsmithing and hand fabrication under my belt.

Alina Drobovich, lead designer with over 10 years of Jewelry design experience from a leading design school in Europe. An accomplished flat and fantasy faceter with over 10 years of faceting experience. Cutting some of the amazing stones listed in our inventory along with some of the amazing pieces you see listed.

Thanks for stopping by,

   John Burleyson       

National Award winning gemstone artist and jewelry designer, GemRite